Silicone Shampoo Brush
Use our silicone shampoo brush to detangle your hair, massage your scalp and stimulate your hair; which promotes growth. It can also be used to remove build-up from your scalp while you shampoo.  It works well with our Serenity Scalp...
$24.00 $10.00
Preserve Silk Serum
4oz  Humidity and anti-frizz  Blockers. amazing heat serum and with a lightweight silky feeling. Hair is softer, smoother, and healthier
Premium Silk Bonnets - Blush Pink
Sleep in peace knowing that your bonnet will not come off at night! Keep moisture in your hair while you sleep. Keeps your hair from drying out!  Made with 100% silk
$25.00 $15.00
Finesse All In One Styler
8oz   A 4 -In- 1  superior moisturizer. It's a Leave-in treatment conditioner, moisture for dehydrated hair can be used as a light hold twist cream,  and can be used as daily maintenance on all hair types. Use wet or dry.
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