Serenity Scalp Soothing Shampoo
8oz. A cool breezy sensation on your scalp while relieving itchy dry scalp. Leaves your hair soft, and your scalp cool.
$37.00 $27.00
Sacifie Anti Fungal Elixir
Anti-fungal scalp  serum that soothes any area of dryness after a scalp detox,  or for every day use in the areas that are thinning it helps to stimulate the follicles as well. Best used with our scalp therapy kit
$35.00 $20.00
Silicone Shampoo Brush
Use our silicone shampoo brush to detangle your hair, massage your scalp and stimulate your hair; which promotes growth. It can also be used to remove build-up from your scalp while you shampoo.  It works well with our Serenity Scalp...
$24.00 $10.00
Finesse All In One Styler
8oz   A 4 -In- 1  superior moisturizer. It's a Leave-in treatment conditioner, moisture for dehydrated hair can be used as a light hold twist cream,  and can be used as daily maintenance on all hair types. Use wet or dry.
Sold Out
Serenity Scalp Therapy Conditioner
Removes build-up and flakes on the scalp. Restores the pH of the scalp to protect the scalp from fungal growth. Treats the scalps from hard water and build-up.
$34.00 $26.00
Scalp Therapy Kit
$185.00 $125.00
Scalp Therapy Kit
Say goodbye to dry itchy, flaky scalp Serenity Scalp Soothing Shampoo and conditioner Scalp Refresher Spray Scalp Elixir Drops  Complimentary scalp stimulator shampoo brush
$185.00 $125.00
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