Judy Carasco, Hair Loss Practitioner and Licensed Cosmetologist . the founder and creator of Art of Beauty Products


 So, you just got a fresh silk press and your loving the body, bounce, and shine.

 Here's how to maintain it so that you get longevitiy from your salon session.

 1. Keep your hair wrapped, or in pin curls when going to bed. This method will keep the body in your hair. Remember hair has memory , so it will take on whatever form you put it in . Our premium silk bonnets are perfect for protecting your hair from  cotton pillowcases  while sleeping. 

2. Use a serum that adds heat protection, reduces frizz, and enhances the hair's shine. Our Preserve serum is the perfect serum for this task. It's light weight, smells divine, and it doesn't get greasy.

3. Never unwrapp , or comb your hair in the bathroom after a hot shower. Steam is water, and the moleules can remain in the air for a few hours. The water molecules will cause your hair to revert quickly, and you'll lose your silk press.  

I hope these tips are helpful to you. Let me know what will you implement into your hair maintinance routine.  Also, for all the items mentioned above you can get them on our website!


Wishing you healthy hair & scalp!

Judy Carasco, HLP

Founder of Art of Beauty Products



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